Legg Mason Combines EnTrust and Permal

Legg Mason has decided that it wants to combine EnTrust Capital and Permal. There are two powerful funds that can come together to serve even more customers than ever, and they will have a chance to serve people who want to work with a higher volume fund. These two funds will come together to give people the service they need, and the two funds will become promising for anyone who is truly concerned about how much they can make on their own investments.

It Saves Money

It saves money for Legg Mason to put the two companies together, and it is something that will help people when they need to work with a high volume company. There are many people who will become redundant in the move, but Legg Mason needs to find ways to make sure that they are saving money. The savings will help the company be more efficient, and that will be a much better thing for people who want to make money on their own investments. The best brokers will be retained, and the two boards will come together.

Two Different Customer Bases

EnTrust and Permal have two different customer bases that will come together, but they can combine their two missions to make them more versatile. Versatility is pretty important in the investment world, and the two funds will have such a broad reach that almost anyone can invest with them. Legg Mason wants to be more appealing across the board, and they are sure to catch much more market share because they have chosen to combine these two companies.

Consolidation Works

Consolidation has worked many times over, and it is important for people to remember that a consolidation will help save everyone money. Companies that are all pushing their own paperwork will waste more time and money, but two companies that come together will make life better for everyone who wants to be more efficient. Efficiency is a very big item in corporate America, and Legg Mason has gone for efficiency in this move.

There are many reasons to put these two funds together, but combining Permal and EnTrust is something that will help Legg Mason remain viable. They must carefully manage all the different parts of their business, and they believe they have a better chance of succeeding when they put the two together. Investors stand to make a lot of money when the move is worked out.

  • February 8, 2016