Cayman Island Educational Support

The Cayman Islands is the well-known British Territory in the western Caribbean Sea. It is a paradise respite for several celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, and Mark Cuban, and is considered an international offshore financial haven for many wealthy individuals. It is where high profile personalities can get away to not experience standing out.

Education in the Cayman Islands follows British educational systems and remains compulsory to the age of 16. Free to all Caymanian children, the Education Department operates 10 primary, 1 special education, and 3 high schools. One university and a law school as well as several private schools exist, charging tuition.

Aim Higher Initiative
This mentoring program’s aim is helping under achieving students 15-16 years of age. Mentors meet with students once a week at their lunchtimes to support and recognize their achievements. Volunteers are trained to teach study skills and support their success.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Cayman Islands
This international volunteer organization matches up children with mentors to connect and foster a mutual relationship and provide guidance and friendship. Mentors help with students’ homework and provide support. This can’t help but enhance and perhaps improve their academic life in many positive ways.

Community Outreach Programs
This outreach program focuses on youths in need of mentoring and academic support. Active in schools and concentrating on students aged 4-17 years old, Monday through Friday during the day, kids are exposed to different physical activities, homework support, literacy support, fine arts, and youth sport clubs and events.

LIFE (Literacy is for Everyone) Ltd
LIFE is an independent charitable organization dedicated to significantly improving the literacy levels in Grand Cayman’s schools for below level readers. Volunteers come once a week to read with select students to improve language skills.

National Council of Voluntary Organizations (NCVO)
Dedicated to the education and well–being of children and families in need of support, NCVO runs several children’s programs across the Islands. The NCVO also runs a thrift store and an annual radio telethon.

Volunteers for Prison Reading
Volunteers bring the benefits of a prison-based program to assist the prisoners’ during their incarceration and integration back into society. Three institutions with 224 inmates are currently benefiting.

Cayman Island educational support benefits several populations, and strive for academic success.

  • November 16, 2016