Brevard Achievement Center and SourceAmerica

Formed in 1968, Brevard County Community Achievement Center, or BCCAC, and renamed Brevard Achievement Center, or BCA, in 1975, is an innovative agency that serves the needs of people with disabilities and gives them the opportunity to personally succeed in life.

Under the leadership of the area’s local IBM general manager, Ammon G. Belleman Jr., the organization’s first board set several goals, including converting tax users into taxpayers, building self-respect and dignity among people with disabilities, preventing the institutionalization of people with disabilities and returning a portion of the cost of serving people with disabilities to their community.

Serving seven clients, the original team consisted of the center’s first executive director, Donald Swickert, and a staff of three. With a current staff of 90 serving more than 5,000 clients annually, the center remains in its original location at 185 Cogswell Street, Rockledge, Florida. The center visions a society where all persons with disabilities can contribute to the work force and to their communities. Specific goals include the successful transition of students to the work force or to education beyond high school, the opportunity for adults to work and live independently and the satisfaction of its customers.

BAC’s values include putting their clients’ needs first, treating all persons with dignity, maintaining integrity among their clients, providing excellent service and using innovative ideas to improve the lives of those they serve.

Since 2014, BAC has been a successful beneficiary of SourceAmerica’s Ideas to Work Fund, or IWF, Grant Program, which matches grants to nonprofit agencies around the nation whose purpose is creating jobs for people with severe disabilities. BAC is one of 30 nonprofits nationwide currently partnering with IWF.

At their annual conference in New Orleans this past May, the Southeast Region of the National Council for SourceAmerica Employers, or NCSE, awarded BAC Vice President of Operations, Wayne Wells, with their Management Excellence Award. The award recognizes someone in each field office of the Ability One Community Rehabilitation Program, or CRP, who displays distinguished leadership in helping to further employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities. In this instance it was one of Source America’s own.

During Wells’ 16 years of leadership, hundreds of persons have found meaningful employment. In fact, during the past few years, an average of more then 400 persons with disabilities have found work, thanks to BAC contracts.

  • September 26, 2017